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Erica Archer - Corryvrechan Team LeaderErica Archer - Team Leader

Erica started her Scottish dance career as a Highland dancer before going on to perform and teach many different aspects of Scottish traditional dance.

Since becoming Team Leader of Corryvrechan Erica has strived to open up new horizons for the team in the field of display dancing, being a firm believer that the purpose of a display team is to entertain and inspire the audience.

She uses material  from all branches of Scottish traditional dance as well as her own choreography to create a programme which gives the audience an insight into the  wonderful heritage of dance as well as providing an on-going challenge for the dancers to reach increasingly high standards and to fulfil their maximum potential.

Erica has a  deep and enduring interest in folk dance and music from all parts of the world and feels it is important that the Scottish tradition, with all its variety and excitement, should be kept to the forefront on the international stage as well as at home.   She works closely with Chris Oxtoby, Corryvrechan’s Musicians Leader, to preserve and enhance the vital combination of music and dance  which is such an essential part of the success of the Team.     

Corryvrechan’s pursuit of excellence in both music and dance is high on the list of Erica’s priorities as she is constantly looking for new and exciting challenges for the Team within the boundaries of the Scottish tradition.

Erica is a Fellow of the United Kingdom Alliance (of Professional Teachers of Dancing).  She also holds the Teacher’s Certificate of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and was awarded the Society’s ‘Scroll of Honour’ in November 2000.

Chris Oxtoby - Corryvrechan Musicians' LeaderChris Oxtoby - Musicians Leader

Chris has been playing accordion for Scottish dance for over 20 years.   She became Corryvrechan's Musicians Leader in 2007 and was instrumental in bringing about a major change to the Corryvrechan Constitution which, for the first time, brought musicians into the Team as full members.   She is committed to producing a high quality band sound and led a large and very successful Corryvrechan band of 9 players plus a piper for the Team's first UK Concert in 2009. She has a particular interest in selecting tunes from a wide variety of sources, matched carefully to the choreographed dance. She involves herself closely with the dancers' rehearsals as well as the musicians' ones so that at all times she is in touch with the aims and achievements of the Team.    

As well as playing for Corryvrechan, Chris leads the successful Scottish Country Dance band 'Strathallan', which is always busy on the Country dance circuit. Prior to that, she was a member of 'Sound Company', one of the premier Scottish Dance bands in the South East for 14 years.

She plays for country dances, balls, and weddings, mainly in the South of England and Midlands, but plays regularly in Europe and the Channel Islands. She has made six successful commercial recordings and has performed at many major folk festivals, including the annual Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival - probably the premier showcase event for Scottish traditional music.


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