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Music to our ears...

Piper in action

Enthusiastic, Energetic Dancer?

Accomplished Musician?

Keen to Perform?

Up for a Challenge?

Corryvrechan offers a unique opportunity to perform all forms of the Scottish Tradition at a very high standard

The team presents top class concerts and displays of Scottish Country, Step, Highland & Island dancing and performs at major folk festivals and other events

Our dancers and musicians come from across the UK to rehearse,

typically one Sunday per month, at venues along the M4 corridor

TASTER SESSIONS are planned for potential new members
(both dancers and musicians) in the next few months

If you’d like to join us and see what we do

contact Erica on 01934 843946 / 07453 081444

No experience in Scottish music/dance is needed as the team can give appropriate training, but you will need a good level of musical/dancing ability (eg folk traditions, ballet, Irish, classical)

Admission to the team is by audition only, and members are normally over 16 years of age

The lively spirit of our displays is in no small measure due to the successful combination of dance & music which has long been a strength in the Scottish traditional arts

Corryvrechan is proud of its own expert musicians, and of its long tradition of working with some of the best Scottish musicians in the UK

About us...

Recruitment Flyer - 23 Sept 18.pdf

Recruiting Now!

Corryvrechan is a national team of
dancers and musicians,

drawing members from across the UK

We present top class displays of Scottish country, step and highland dancing. We can offer short "spots" or a whole evening's entertainment for all

Events can be arranged to include something for everyone, where general dancing for all
(with lots of light-hearted instruction) is interspersed with short demonstration spots

Or for other occasions, more specialised Scottish
dancing workshops can also be arranged.