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Corryvrechan has several costumes, ranging from formal to informal for both men and women, plus two special costumes for Hebridean and other dances from the Scottish islands. They have been designed to reflect the rich traditions and tartans of Scotland - plus an element of practicality for performance!

Corryvrechan costume with our very own tartans
launched at our Strictly Scottish concert

Women’s costumes

Men’s costumes

We also have some special costumes from the Islands

Breeches take the place of kilts for the men for these two costumes: typical striped overskirts and petticoats are worn by the women. The white mutches (bonnets) are made to an original design and hard shoes are generally worn with these costumes.

These two "Island" outfits would have found many parallels in the villages and crofts of the islands in the 18th and 19th centuries, although the Corryvrechan women are undoubtedly showing a little too much of their ankles to be thought seemly by original standards!

Musicians' costumes

Farquharson tartan is the backdrop to the Corryvrechan logo, which fronts the band, and the male musicians wear trousers in the same tartan, teamed with rustic shirts identical to those worn by the dancers. A sleeveless jacket based on a design from about the 1780s completes the men's costumes. The female members of the band wear Buchanan tartan full-circle skirts and their sleeveless jackets are based on a pattern of a Scottish shortgown of the late 1800s.

What we wear...