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We want to share Scotland's wonderful dance heritage, so our repertoire aims to show the rich variety of the Scottish dance tradition:

This approach and our choreography makes our performances more varied and interesting for our audiences - as well as more challenging for the dancers.

We are fortunate that Scottish dance is very much a living tradition. This also lets us combine older dances with the work of the many talented devisors working in the country today - and indeed, within Corryvrechan itself.

Corryvrechan display programmes are usually compiled to provide you with a wide example of these differing styles, which also show off some of our different costumes. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and design a programme to suit your needs, whether that's running an evening ceilidh, giving a full 60-90 minute performance or, more commonly, dancing one or more shorter spots for your guests.

More detail on the dance types and music can be found on the background page.

What we dance...